About Us

The Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia (APRAA), is an Affiliated Trade Association of the Motor Trades Association of Australia. APRAA represents auto parts recyclers on national issues.

APRAA provides educational, regulatory and industry information as well as other services to its membership in an effort to facilitate continued education, growth and development of the auto parts recycling industry. APRAA is the peak, national association serving the Auto Parts Recycling sector in Australia.

APRAA is also an affiliate chapter of the international Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), based in the USA and is a participant in the International Round Table on Auto Recycling.

APRAA Executive Committee

The APRAA Executive Committee comprises a Delegate from each of the MTAA Member bodies as follows:

Elected Member Body Delegate

Divisional Manager
SA: Mr. George Papillo Mr. Peter McMahon , MTA SA
WA: Mr. Paul Pernechele Mr. Mark Wyncoll, MTA WA
QLD: Mr Glen Ford (Vice Chairman) Ms. Kellie Dewar, MTAQ
NSW: Mr Chris Cooper (Chairman) Mr Greg Preston, MTA NSW
Victoria: Mr Michael Cox Mr Michael McKenna, VACC
NT: Mr Jim Trobbiani Mr. Peter Donovan, MTA NT          
ACT: Ms. Helen Jones, MTA ACT

APRAA's Mission Statement

APRAA’s mission is to continue to be the peak national association, representing our members and the auto parts recycling industry in Australia. APRAA’s aims are:
  1. To unite, lead, represent, progress and promote auto parts recycling.
  2. To be the recognised authority for the auto parts recycling sector, acknowledged as the contact point for the auto parts recyclers, the auto trade, industry bodies, Governments, regulatory authorities and the general community.
  3. To promote the highest profile for the auto parts recycling sector.
  4. To be an environmentally responsible, proactive and an essential business sector of the community.
APRAA’s mission and aim is to be achieved by developing, implementing and monitoring industry strategies and action plans.

Automotive Industry Chain

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