Finding A Recycler

From whom do I buy recycled auto parts?

1. To find your nearest Quality Auto Parts Recycler, contact your

State Motor Trade Association.

2. To view or contact one of the APRAA Accredited Members,

See Accreditation / Accredited Recyclers

A few 'easy buying' tips ...

Check the exact 'production date' of your car This can be found either on the 'Compliance Plate' under the bonnet, or in later models on a tag on the pillar inside the driver's door.

You may also need the model number or chassis number, which can be found (in most cars) in the same place.

Information about transmission type (Manual or Auto), and engine capacity may also be needed to ensure the right part first time.

If you're not sure about this information, ask one of our Accredited Auto Parts Recyclers, they will, most likely to be able to point you in the right direction.

Your Auto Parts Recycler may suggest that, if possible, you should bring the part your are looking for (or the car the part is for) with you so they can match up the exact item.